Not a charter load? But still far from the norm? 

You are struggling to move a shipment by air? 
Whether it be awkward dims, high volume, tight time frame, offline destinations or special handling requirements…you have exhausted your everyday resources and have yet to deliver a solution to your client.

Let NEOplus provide the right solution for you.

By combining our expert knowledge and experience with our contacts within the air cargo and logistics industry, we can provide the tailor made solution for your clients’ individual requirements.
It may not be a charter, but at NEOplus we treat your special request with the same dedication and attention to detail as if it were.

Reliable and compatible solutions for :

  • Airfreight
  • “must ride” cargo
  • Outsized  cargo
  • Express bookings
  • Door-to-door requirements
  • any weight, any size, any where

All of these services will, of course, be delivered with the same high level of service and customer care you have come to expect from one of the leading charter service providers in the industry.
Around the clock and around the world.