NEO Air Charter

We are the air cargo charter experts. We have a passion for creativity, innovative thinking and teamwork.

We provide charter and airfreight solutions, tailored to your specific cargo transport needs.  Anywhere and anytime, worldwide.

NEO Air Charter understands the value and importance of air cargo charters in today´s global supply chains.


“Our company is founded in the strong belief that the air cargo charter market due to its inherent complexity needs and deserves the utmost professional service. Everything we do is focused on the satisfaction and benefit of our customers.”
(Adnan Duran, Stefan Kohlmann, NEO Air Charter)

NEO Air Charter is independent in its choice of operators, handling agents and airports – with no obligations with regards to binding leases, agreements or hubs.

Our vision is to set new standards in the air cargo charter world – providing the best service through innovative thinking, processing and solutions. Our aim – long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.